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Maria and Julian's Black Pottery

A 1930s documentary about the famous Pueblo potter Maria Martinez and her husband Julian at San Ildefonso Pueblo, showing the complete process of making black pottery from the beginning coils through the final firing and polishing. Produced by Arthur E. Baggs, Jr.


Explores the realm of stamp collecting, one of the world's most popular hobbies. Hosted by actor Ernest Borgnine -- himself an avid stamp collector -- the program follows the story from the 1800s, when the new stamp craze was called "timbromania" by the French, through the 1930s, when it was popularized by Franklin Roosevelt and King George V, to visits with stamp artists and collectors of today. Produced by Bruce Adams for Penn State Television / WPSX-TV.

Guatemalan Pottery

Follows potters through the entire process of pottery making in six different Guatemalan villages: Santa Apolonia (where the potter is the only artisan who still works with pre-Columbian techniques), San Luis Jilotepeque, Chinautla, Rabinal, Totonicapan, and Antigua. Shows the individual styles and techniques of the potters in each town. Produced by Claudia Feldmar, Camara 2.

Mashiko Village Pottery: 1937

Presents a visual portrait of the traditional process of pottery making as performed and recorded in 1937 at the workshop of Totaro Sakuma in the village of Mashiko, Japan. Highlights the work of Minagawa Masu, an illiterate itinerant teapot painter of great renown who plied her trade among the various kilns in the village. From the collection of British potter Bernard Leach. Restoration by Marty Gross.

A Working Life

A portrait of Bob Rock, an eighty-four-year-old blacksmith and banjo maker who lives in the Snake Spring Valley near Bedford, Pennsylvania. In more than sixty years of innovative handwork, Rock has made more than 400 farm trailers, 129 cultivators, and nearly 600 banjos. He often recycles discarded materials -- he has crafted several hundred butcher knives and corn cutters from old saw blades and once built a tractor entirely from spare parts. Directed and produced by Ben Levin.

Bob Moore: Native-American Craftsman

Documents the work of Bob Moore, a Cherokee Indian craftsman who lives in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, and practices traditional styles of Native-American leatherwork. Moore creates authentic pieces from start to finish; from tanning the hide to decorating the finished work. Because he is painstakingly faithful to whichever cultural style he is working in, he is able to sell his work to Native Americans who collect articles reflecting their own culture. Minimal narration. Directed and produced by Ben Levin.


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